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Odor Stop®
Odor Stop®
Safe, Natural, Non-Toxic Air Cleaner & Deodorizer
Odor Stop®
is an all-natural, allergy-free, pollutant-free, fragrance-free air cleaner that facilitates better indoor air quality by restoring air to a clean, natural state.
Odor Stop®
can be used for problems with formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, stale smoke, grease, pesticides, cleaning chemicals, solvents, urine and personal care products, etc.
No respiratory irritants, hypo-allergenic, environmentally friendly
Can be placed in air stream to enable benefits in entire building or home
Eliminates odors and vapors rather than just covering them up
Improves indoor air quality
Long lasting and re-usable
How Does it Work?
100% natural zeolite crystals are used for ODOR STOP®. Zeolites have a unique crystal structure with a negative charge, while odors and vapors have a positive charge. This enables ODOR STOP® to attract and filter out undesirable molecules. Zeolites are anti-microbial (with no chemical additives) and safe to use near food.

This enables ODOR STOP® to attract, decompose and eliminate problem pollutants.
Renew, Refresh, Re-Use
ODOR STOP® can be used over and over again. When odors are detected, simply place ODOR STOP® in the hot sunlight for a day. If ODOR STOP® has been exposed to ammonia, soak in a saltwater solution (6 ounces salt for every 60 ounces of water), rinse, shake dry and re-install.
Residential Product Specifications
Residential Size: 4.5” x 1” x 6” Use this size in cars, closets, etc.
Weight: 8 ounces
Price: $10.00
Commercial Installations
Installation in Air Returns
Simply fasten the bracket hanger (enclosed) in the air return with four (4) self-tapping screws, then fasten the second bracket to ODOR STOP® and attach S-hooks (enclosed) to hang.
Product Specifications
10lb bracket for 2.5 tons of AC: Small (15”x12”x3”)
Weight: 11 pounds
10lb bracket Price: $150.00
20 lb bracket for 5 tons of AC or Commercial Installations: Large (30”x12”x3”)
Weight: 22 pounds
20lb bracket Price: $300.00
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